The Orlando Judo Academy lesson plan for new students  requires regulars attendance to progress in a timely manor.  The student has a minimum of two months regular practices and attendance to progress to the next level. 

A judoka must master a new set of technique for each rank and be able to demonstrate all techniques of lower rank. A certified instructor will evaluate the judoka  basic knowledge 

This lesson plan expects you to acquire substantial academic knowledge and physical knowledge. This includes  history nature, philosophy, and principles of Judo, therefore your attendances is crucial. 

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Week  Task  
One   Warm up exercises Running, Neck Rotation, Arm Rotations, Elbow Rotations, Wrist and Toe Rotations, Body Twists, Hip Rotations, Body Bends, Knee Rotations, Inner Thigh Stretches (Note: During warn up the number of repartitions will be counted in Japamise
Ukemi's Laying Down, Sitting (Back, Left, Right), Squatting (Back, Left, Right), Standing (Back)
Kake Throws a) Osoto Gari (Major outer reaping)

b) Ouich Gari (Major inner reaping)

Two Warm up exercises Shrimping, Low Crawls
Ukemi's Standing (Left and Right)
Osaekomi -- mat hold downs a) Kesa Gatame (Scarf Lock)

b) Kata Gatame (Shoulder Hold Down)

 Three Warm up exercises Ankle Rotations, Squats
Ukemi's Squatting (Front Roll)
Kake Throws a) Ogoshi (Major Hip Throw)

b) Uki Goshi (Floating Hip Throw)

Four Warm up exercises Bridges (Shoulder Regular)
Ukemi's Back Rolls, Roll Outs (left and Right)
Osaekomi  a) Kamishiho Gatame (Upper Four Corners Hold Down)

b) Yoko Shiho Gatame (Side Four Corners Hold Down)

Five Warm up exercises Japanese Pushups
Judo Counting Ichi, Ni, San, Shi, Go, Roku, Shichi, Hachi, Ku, Ju
Kake Throws a) De-Ashi Barai ( Avancing Foot Sweet)

b) Hari Tsuri-Komi Ashi ( Sweeping, Lifting Ankle Throw )

Six Philosophy of Judo  
Judo Ranks (Mudan-sha & Yudan-sha)  
Judo Terms  
Osaekomi   a) Kuzure Kamishiho Gatame (Modified Upper Four Corner Hold down)

b) tate Shiho Gatame (Vertical Four Corner Hold Down)

Seven Kake Throws   a) Tai Otoshi (Body Drop)

b) Ushiro Goshi (Rear Hip Throw)

Eight IJF Rules  
Nine Review and Testing